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About Us

To recognise the valuable role locals play in keeping our
Port Stephens businesses alive all year round, we introduce you to the Lucky Locals Discount Card.

The Lucky Locals Card is a discount/rewards program for the residents of Port Stephens. Established in 2009, as a small local rewards scheme within the Nelson Bay township, the Lucky Locals Discount Card scheme has blossomed into a thriving local community initiative, with the past couple of years seeing the membership and business involvement expand across more of our Port Stephens suburbs.

Lucky Locals Cardholders are buying from their locally-owned and operated small businesses, and being rewarded for their ongoing patronage! Being rewarded by the Lucky Locals discount, encourages locals to cost-effectively enjoy shopping, entertainment, activities and more within our local area. Being a Lucky Locals cardholder also keeps locals ‘in-the-loop’ with what’s happening at those local participating businesses. Through e-Newsletters and Social Media feeds, the cardholder membership are reminded and inspired to shop local!

Supporting Locals & Supporting Businesses – Lucky Locals’ proprietor is Trish Bray, a local Mum, who proudly operates the business of the Lucky Locals Discount Card, to continued positive feedback and testimonials from both local business owners and cardholders!

Lucky Locals aim is to continue to provide valuable incentives to reward our loyal cardholders, whilst giving businesses an effective marketing avenue to reach the locals, which helps inspire and remind us all to keep our locally owned and operated businesses thriving: helping them to stay competitive against online-consumerism and their bigger ‘out of town’ rivals and giving them a loyal local customer base in-store, particularly during the off-peak seasons.

Each year, Lucky Locals also goes to extraordinary lengths to help the community even further, allowing schools, child care centres and community groups to use the Discount Card as a fundraiser, with $2 per card sold through the fundraiser given back to the school or group. It’s a simple, easy way to fundraise, and a great way for Lucky Locals to give back to the community that supports it.

If you’d like to own a Lucky Locals Discount Card, see our ‘Get Your Card’ page.

If you’re interested in becoming a Lucky Locals Participating Business, and gaining some loyal local patronage, see our ‘Promote Your Business’ page.

Wishing you all the best in our beautiful Port Stephens, we truly are Lucky Locals!